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Amazing Bagan

My life is a dream or a novel. I'm out of words. I don't know, who's the main character of my very own story – is it me, could it be, how could it, if everything that matters is the scenery and the people I'm honored to meet – no one can be a story by themselves, so no; it's not me, I'm not the conductor of my story, I'm not the main character. 
Bagan is just unbelievable.
I'm just visiting my story from the beginning till the end, not knowing, what there will be behind the next corner. Who cares, what I'm up to in my life, in this story, in this dream, even I don't care; its the places visited, the people meeting people, the sounds and the taste and the smell of life, its the feelings being felt, its the words being said, its the actions being taken and done. I'm lucky enough to live in an interesting dream. It has its ups and downs, but what makes it fascinating, is the coincidences. The situations where I end up, mostly without expecting any of them, or the tickets that I buy, the journey itself. It's the places where I find myself. It's just amazing. I don't ever want to wake up. 

I thought it's going to be fantastic here in Bagan, I knew it's going to be fascinating, fabulous, wonderful, unbelievable but I couldn't possibly imagine, HOW great it in the end will turn out to be. It's so very beautiful, that I have difficulties closing my eyes; I want to keep them open all the time to suck in all the scenery, all the landscape, all the temples, all the dusty air – just about everything that is possible to sense here!

I could spend days after days only here in Bagan, driving around with an e-bike or riding a bike (those people, who rent a taxi or a van and go from temple to temple in an air conditioned car are just missing most of the experience!) in sandy, dusty roads, getting lost in middle of dry fields, sweating, visiting temples after temples after temples. Sitting on top of them, breathing, writing down thoughts or sentences, that pop up in my mind, watching other people passing by, watching the world from its beautiful sides and at the same time remembering the not-so-beautiful views of it.

This morning I woke up at 5, it was as dark as it can possibly be, and went jogging in the sandy roads and fields; my feet just took me to places. I love running in the morning, and now I was the only person in the middle of the fields, visiting quiet, empty and dark pagodas (yep, at times I was scared, it was like being in a crime story and I wasn't sure, if I was the criminal there in the sacred temples), breathing the crispy air (when its dark, it is very cold here now in the winter time), waiting for the sun to finally raise up, since that's what I wanted to see, and finally it was there; the dim light of the new day, and I was amazed as nowadays of every day, every minute, every second, and I made a video of it, talking out the moment, but can't post it, the internet connection is too slow or gone, but it would be cool to do something like that. I never tried. And I should practice, since in January I've got to give an interview LIVE in a morning tv show in Finland, and that would help, to chit chat in a video. Make it public. Make the sunrise in Bagan and the beauty of it public. It's unfair, that not everybody can see it. If you ever have a chance, please come here. Bagan is one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited.

Yesterday I had an accident. First of all, I got lost all the time (don't ask me how, it's in theory impossible, but I at least felt lost in the deserted ”roads” quite often), and while being kind of lost, the back tire of my e-bike (I rented an e-bike yesterday, after getting my bottom totally sore from biking about 20 km the first day here) got broken. Great. I was in the middle of – hmm. Sand. But luckily not far from a village and very nice family fixing bikes. 

They helped me – without expecting any payment. I sat there half an hour watching the men do the work and feeling helpless (don't give me any tools, I hardly know how to use them – you are more than welcome to visit me in Munich and see all the holes on the walls...), BUT in the end they had to call the bike renting person to come and fix it himself, since the tire was totally out of service. So, I ended up waiting there for 1,5 hours.

The nice people offered me tea and some nuts and tealeaves to chew – politely I tasted everything, even though I had to use a spoon that was being used by each of us. Us meaning the local men (they were a family without a mother, who passed away some time ago) and me. There would be no problem, using a spoon used by others, but you should see the teeth of the people here. They're in a very bad and RED shape, since the men chew some red stuff and spit everywhere, all the time. That's ok, that's their culture, but well....I had to close my eyes and put the spoon in my mouth and smile and chew and swallow and try not to think of any teeth or used spoons with dirt on them or anything; I was grateful for the help and very grateful for the hospitality of the family, and it tasted surprisingly good, and in the evening, when I noticed that nothing happened, I didn't get sick or get any stomach problems, I was being angry at myself. WHY to always be such a ”princess”. WHY to always think, that everything dirty is nothing but dirty. Sometimes it's like this: the dirtier it is, the cleaner it has to be.

The family was being so very nice, that not only tasting their tea and nuts, I got to see a temple from inside and the view from its tower, that no other tourists get to see! It was of course exciting, but also very beautiful, AND scary. I had to climb up the tower roof. Oh shaky legs of mine. Good that they didn't decide to slip or take a false step – otherwise I'd be an angel or a ghost by now. The old man, the ”head of the family” gave me such an introduction to everything, that I almost hugged him. He was such a sweetheart. I missed my grandfather while talking to him. He was just like him; a man full of stories and a good heart.

Today I went to see Mount Popa, that is an hour drive from Bagan. Yesterday at one quite lonely, quiet pagoda I met two traveling guys; one from Germany, one from China. The German one wanted to go to Mt. Popa, and me too, and even though we live in different villages, we ended up using the same taxi service (with some other people) and got up there. The mountain and the pagoda on top of it was nice to see, but Bagan with its thousands of pagodas is far more interesting. At Mt. Popa there are lot of funny monkeys. 

The trip took only some hours, and now I'm back at the hotel, but instead of going to see the amazing pagodas, I'm at the hotel, writing stuff down. My blog is very important to me normally, when I write in Finnish, but surprisingly I need to update it also now almost as often as I do it in Finnish. It's kind of an organizer to me. After this I'll continue writing my script. And after that I have a sunset date with the guys that I met. If they ever make it to my hotel. I'm happy to have some company. But can't stay up late, have to leave tomorrow morning at around 6 am to the airport and fly to Mandalay. Where I'll spend the New Year's Eve. Which is by the way as meaningless this time to me, as Xmas was, and will probably be just another day in the deep, deep world.

Hope you all will have a nice day, I don't even know, which day it is. Tuesday? Thursday? Friday? Sunday? I only know the date. And that just because I have a flight to catch up. Which by the way is stupid. I don't want to fly. I want to travel by train, by bus or by hitch-hiking. There is NO need to book your flights nor your hotels in advance in Myanmar. You will find it all here and cheaper, than booking all in advance. I was stupid enough to contact a local travel agency..or scared enough; I didn't know, how it's going to be. But next time I'm definitely not booking anything in advance, and for sure I'll just raise my thumb and hop on a car stopping by. It's very safe here. I'm so lame to have been influenced by people warning me, how difficult it might be in Myanmar. But in a way I just think, that ok, two weeks in this country is a very short time. At least I save time by having it all so easy. And at least I save money by eating at street "restaurants" etc.

Now me stops, finally, have got the whole world to write down to the next top novel of mine. Cheerio!

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