tiistai 24. joulukuuta 2013

Day by the pool or in the moon or...?

Merry Xmas to you all. Greetings from Thailand. I'm in Bangkok and don't have any plans. Nor do I have any special Christmas feelings. Just chilling out as if it was June or July. I've been to Bangkok a few times, so I don't even think of going sightseeing or anything. Or who knows. I've been ending up in surprising situations lately, even in the last 24 hours, so it wouldn't surprise me, if I found myself somewhere else than where I picture myself.
I just went to drop off my laundry (haven't got ANY clean clothes anymore!) and print out my documents for a visa on arrival, that I got for Myanmar. I'm flying there tomorrow afternoon, and am pretty excited. All that there is left to do today, is to find new shoes (why is it, that my favorite flipflops got broken in Tacloban and my favorite sandals here in Bangkok just by walking!?) and I have to write. A bit, at least. Have got some good stuff. Need to pour it out of me, otherwise I can't really relax, and this time I swear to you, it is good stuff. I would even say as good stuff as in my third book! I'm right now by the pool with my laptop, so now would be the perfect moment to write. But at the same time I'm lazy...

I also want to go to the gym and do sports today. Haven't moved my body for 3 weeks now, and that's a long time without sports for a girl who is used to do it daily. Anyhow and in any case I'm having and will have a cool, my very own 24th of December (which is in Finland an important Xmas celebration day). I'm not even lonely. At all. It is, as it seems, impossible to end up being lonely, when you have pictured yourself being alone.

Singapore, where I spent the weekend, was nice, by the way, but nothing really mind blowing special. It's a city for those, who love shopping (you can find a mall in every corner!) and good food. I hate shopping, but still I ended up buying myself a camera (just a small and cheap one – was about to buy just drinking water and ended up coming out of the store with a camera in my hand) and an Indian dress, but that's about it. I did find stuff for my friends though. The only thing is, that I lost some of the presents. Don't ask me why or how.

I also went to Singapore Art Museum, which was interesting. It consisted more of installations than pictures, which is not my ”cup of art”, but there were some installations that I particularly liked, like one in a dark room with spooky 3D creatures moving around and many mirrors, which made an effect of being in a never-ending-space. The Botanic Garden was impressive. Me liked. Especially the orchid part of that park.

I also enjoyed the food in Singapore. Oh, I love Indian and Chinese food (but not in Europe, there Chinese doesn't taste good at all), and enjoy spicy stuff. Which is interesting, cause back at home I can't eat as spicy food as I do here. I met my friend, poet Toh Hsien Min for dinner on Sunday (thank you again for the very nice evening and for the poetry collections!!), and he also showed me the city from a rooftop bar in the evening and the national library building, which was huge and looked nice. The cocktails, by the way, are very expensive in Singapore. I had the most expensive drink I've ever had up there. At least it tasted good!

Yesterday was kind of an interesting day. In Singapore I couldn't use my credit cards at the airport. It made me a bit afraid – how would I travel without any cash, especially when I go to Myanmar, where I'd need cash. Luckily, at the airport in Bangkok, my credit card was working perfectly well, BUT believe it or not; I FORGOT my card in the ATM. After panicking a bit, thanks to the airport staff, I got my card back. I was so so so grateful, that it didn't get stolen. 

So, now, birdies, I'm off to the pool and later to gym and buying new shoes. I'm off to spend my day the way I like it the most; without any rush or stress. I'm off to enjoy the not-too-hot-weather of Bangkok. Hopefully I'd be hungry in the evening (after the delicious days in Singapore I wasn't yet hungry at all!); would be perfect to eat thai. Now that I happen to be in Thailand. 

Wish you all all the best, nice holidays with the ones you love, and lots of cheerful thoughts! Be there and be round (not square, this time, please). Very special greetings I'm sending to my family. I love you mum, I love you dad, I love you my sister and you two brothers of mine, and I love all of your kids (super special greetings to Lorenzo and Sofia!!) and I hope you all have as nice a Christmas as it normally is!

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  1. Hyvää Joulua Sinulle ja kiitos näistä blogipäivityksistäsi ja ennen kaikkea hyvästä kirjallisuudesta, mitä olet iloksemme luonut! :)

  2. Nautinnollista ja rentouttavaa joulua Bankokissa,however you spend it,ja hyvää matkaa Myanmariin!

  3. Paljon onnea sinulle, kun matkasi jatkuu:)
    Onneksi korttisi ei kadonnut / varastettu!
    Ihanaa joulupäivää sinulle, Maaria With Love♥