maanantai 16. joulukuuta 2013

Some pictures, some feelings

This weekend I was working. And also eating some fresh stuff. Like fish. We went to Ormoc on Sunday (instead of me going there on Saturday), and the car ride was bumpy. Ormoc was a busy city, since everybody seems to go there to buy groceries etc. It is hard to find big amounts of snacks to the SOS kids even from there. And even in Ormoc the electricity is off. Yolanda hit that city pretty hard, too, but Ormoc didn't suffer from floating water like this part of the Leyte island.

Anyhow it's picture time, if possible, just to show a bit how things are. There's a thunder storm over the city - I'm scared of lightning and thunder storms, when they are right above me, and this time it really was there just a short time, bang bang bang it said, and my skin was totally freaking out! - and I'm sad. It's Monday evening. There's only 3 more days to go. Or two whole days, one quarter. I so much enjoy working with these people here, that it will be hard to say goodbye.

Story telling.
But then again I'm also very tired. And I know, that I need to travel as a tourist, too, otherwise I can't take it anymore in the normal life in Munich, when I eventually go back there in January. Because there's a traveller living in my soul and only by seeing beautiful scenery I can relax. I have seen some beautiful scenery here, too, but most of the surroundings is just very broken and therefore sad to see.

So I'm soon about to move on, go away, go where my "long nose" (some kids said today or was it yesterday, that I have a long nose, which is funny, cause it actually is not that long, it's more like a ski-jump-ramp-nose as my little brother used to tease me) points at. The problem, quite often, is, that it points sometimes into too many directions, which makes me confused or emotional. Maybe that's why I can't really settle down.

But then again, do I even have to. Maybe some of us are made to live like that. I'm happy, if my long nose decides to point more often to volunteering directions. Will definitely, absolutely do this again. Here, there, anywhere. If there is a chance to do something good, then why not just do it rather than talk about doing it, right? I'm a single woman, not tied up to any place or any person in the world. Which means, that I have all the chances in the world to act. Even if one day I would somehow end up married with kids (yes, sometimes I do think that could be possible) or something like that, I think I would anyhow go for it. For this.

All the kids are so cute here. A couple of babies have been scared of me. Since I look like a foreigner.
So let's see. How it all goes. The life and everything. I am happy and lucky to have met so nice, warm people so far - not only here, but also back there at home. I'm blessed to have had a chance to help and volunteer here. What I now really, really appreciate more than anything in my life, is the people that I've met, the people that I have, and the people I love. And believe me, there are lots of those people.

Which means, that I'm one of the richest people in the world. I don't have a hunger of becoming richer than that, but it would not be a bad thing. To become richer in that way; getting to know people like there are already in my life, people that just cheer other people up without them even knowing how much joy they bring. That's what's important. Nothing else matters.

The sea shore and the beach boulevard of Tacloban.

Everything got hit here.
Our SOS volunteer team from last week. I'm the only foreigner, except that there are two SOS workers from Indonesia.
Nothing, really, else can matter as much as the people in everybodys life. I sometimes get stressed about small, stupid things. Have to forget about that. It doesn't matter, if I don't always look pretty (here I've felt sometimes so very ugly without make-up and with the sticky, sweaty skin - especially standing next to gorgeous, beautiful, smiling people over here) or if I'm penniless couple of days before the next salary. Or if I have too much work to do, or if there's a deadline of a text to be written and I haven't even started working on it. Or if I lose my wallet or break something "important". No, no, no. All that matters, is that there is people to be happy with. To be sad with. To share the joys of life, to share the pain, to share the meals with, to laugh with, to cry with, to dance with. I could get totally drunk just from the amount of people, who are important to me. And not only that, but from the amount of smiles that I've lately seen. Oh my. I sound like an emotional freak, I guess. But maybe that's what I am. And will be. It's not always a bad thing, is it...?

Take good care, all of you! Hugs and greets and lots of warm (hot!! it's hot!!!) thoughts from Tacloban City.

P. S. I found and drank COLD 7Up and COLD water yesterday! And just a moment ago I ate fresh, juicy mango, and I love mango.

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  1. Ihana kuva sinusta ja lapsista.Itsekin olen vapaaehtoistöissä lasten kanssa,tosin en tuollaisissa huonoissa olosuhteissa kuten sinä. Kun annamme,saamm moninkerroin takaisin:) Halit ja jaksamisia ja koe ihmeessä myös jotain "turisti" juttuja,jotta saat hieman vastapainoa tuolle mitä nyt teet.

  2. Aika huikea ja varmasti monin tavoin sieluun jälkensä jättävä matka sinulla siellä! Koita tosiaan osa matkasta kokea "vain turistinakin", kuten itse tuumailit.

    Koskettavia kuvia <3