perjantai 20. joulukuuta 2013

Tired empty nut!

I'm alive. But exhausted. And in need of holidays!!

The last days in Tacloban were nice. I miss the people there - wish you all the best and send you lots of virtual hugs! - and the atmosphere. And oh, what a nice "last evening" we had there. First, the children of SOS village and the people there, organized a party and a dinner with dance shows and speeches to all the guest, that were visiting the village by that time, me including, and then the other volunteers went for farewell dinner with my new friend Nata (SOS worker from Indonesia) and me, and oh. Thank you all for that!!

Was kind of hard to say goodbye, especially to the kids, and those volunteers/co-workers, with whom I was spending most of the time. But life is sometimes coming and going. I've been coming and going, going and coming, leaving leaving and leaving so many times and years so far, that it doesn't break me, but every time it hurts. Makes me feel empty.

That's how I feel right now. Empty, in a bad, nasty way. Don't like the feeling at all. Especially now, when I'm tired and tired and tired. But I did enjoy taking a SHOWER yesterday, I enjoyed it today as well, and will enjoy it every time I take a shower.

Right now, all I want, is to get this emptiness out of me. Singapore will hopefully be way too busy, sizzling city. Hopefully it makes me think of everything and at the same time nothing. Am looking forward to art museums and fresh fruit shakes and foooood. Will eat Indian stuff, will eat Chinese, will eat and eat and eat and, instead of flying to Bangkok from Singapore, I will roll over there. Like a sweet, girly meatball.

P. S. I have been eating meat. Didn't want to say no to anything, that was offered to me at SOS Village, since food is something not to be picky about, when there's not much. I ate meat also in Cebu before going to Tacloban. Naughty me. But in a way, every time I travel, I also want to try local delicacies. Also if it's meat. I don't feel good about it, though. But well. When ever I get back to basics and to my normal, extra ordinary life, I'll fill myself up with stuff that I love. Vegetables. Avocado. Nuts. If I don't go nuts before that.

Have a nice weekend people. I guess most of you are excited about Xmas. Let it be so. Be excited and decorate your homes and your hearts and your socks. Me goes to bed now. Good night, sleep tight, sweet dreams, happy jeans. (No, I don't know what I mean by that. Jeans could be happy, though, or?)

Once more P. S. - My flight from Tacloban to Cebu was delayed because of heavy rain. It was such a weird feeling to sit at the airport, that had no walls, and the roof was damaged, some people got a bit wet. And it was hard to look down from the plane and see, how it all looks there. There were so many broken houses, so many "refugee tents", so many trucks IN the sea. Also the way to the airport from the city by car was sad. Not because of leaving, but because of seeing so so so many broken buildings - even though I saw them every day the last two weeks. From the bottom of my heart I hope Tacloban will recover soon. Though it takes years, unfortunately. And no wonder; it's probably very hard to know/decide, where to start the re-building and cleaning, when everything is so very damaged.

(Pictures taken by my trusted and new friend Bobby)

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  1. Kiitos sinulle, sinä hyväsydäminen Maaria, olet auttanut hädänalaisia lapsia ja varmaan aikuisiakin!
    Me täällä Suomessa juhlimme neljättä adventtia..:)
    Oikein hyvää ja onnellista matkan jatkoa sinulle!♥

  2. Jaksamista sinne ja voimia.
    Hyvää Joulua :)