maanantai 2. joulukuuta 2013

Tired in Hong Kong

I'm exhausted. Have literally been walking today around the city for 8 (!?) hours stopping just twice to eat something and getting chili in my eye. Yes. Yesterday's little disaster was getting lost in the city just after stepping out from the airport (I took the wrong bus AND fell asleep on it - had been until that more than 24h awake, so please save me from thinking that I'm a brainless chicken!), and today's Big Action was to eat at a sidewalk restaurant, where all the other customers were locals and were I had to point other peoples plates to tell them what I wanted to have, and then, just when the (really delicious) fishball, noodle, lettuce soup appeared in front of me, and as soon as I threw a bit of chili sauce in it, and just as I slurped the first stick full in my mouth, I got a drop of the soup in my eye, and hell yes, it was a drop full of chili, and hell yes, it hurt. Let's SEE if an eye infection decides to hit me..

Went up the hill with the old tram. But didn't go up up to a skyterrace. You can see the view also without paying extra and going with all the tourist masses on a roof top terrace and take pictures from people taking pictures because it'd be too crowded to take pictures without others in the backround.

So two things I recommend NOT to do in Hong Kong: 1) don't step on a wrong bus when you're so tired you hardly can keep your eyes open and 2) don't slurp your food in your mouth like the locals do, cause you just can't do it without getting either your clothes or your face all messy.

But then again, I do recommend to GET LOST. It's a safe, easy city. Today, after a stupid "let's-wake-up-at-3-am-and-roll-in-the-bed-for-over-an-hour-and-then-fall-asleep-again-and-then-wake-up-to-the-sounds-of-roommates-waking-up-at-7-am-and-then-fall-asleep-again-and-then-feeling-all-sick-night" I started my day by getting up, getting out of the hostel and getting to the Hong Kong island by a ferry (I'm staying on the Kowloon-side of the city, exactly at Tsim Sha Tsui station) WITH a map in my hands, but then the map got all aggressive. Really. So I got angry at it. It was all the time slapping in my face, and when I made it smaller, it was like a big pile of fluffy crap in my feast, so I just threw it away. I mean, it's SAFE in Hong Kong to get lost. And impossible as well. There are people everywhere; you can always ask for help, or you can just jump on the next tram or train or bus and travel somewhere and then see how you get to a point, that you are familiar with. And all the signs tell you where to go and what you can find and where.

So today I WANTED to get lost, but I didn't. Really. At all. I was all the time on the map even without a map. And I saw so many things. So so many. I went to two art museums (oh, if I'd be an artist, I'd right away move to Hong Kong - and as a novelist I'd do it too for couple of months, but not for more; this is a really inspiring city from artist point of view - oh, so, if I manage to get a bigger grand for writing next year than this year, I'll probably take a couple of writing months over here!) and I liked them, I went to two parks and I liked them (except that they were so small, that they were cute instead of super or amazing), I walked along so many small streets, that I just smiled, and I saw so so delicious looking fruits and vegetables on the street markets, that I decided NOT to ever again buy for example fresh ginger in Germany (and even less in Finland) without thinking, that in Hong Kong it would be BEAUTIFUL. So beautiful, that you could take it in your arms and kiss it and dance with it before chopping it into pieces and throwing it in your cooking.

Modern art is pretty colourful around here.
So in general I really, really like Hong Kong, and don't wonder anymore, why so many people have said it's great and gorgeous. Cause it is. I normally don't find the praised cities (like London or Berlin or New York or Paris - no offence!) as interesting as the people who praise them, but this time I feel like home here. Weird. Cause I remember almost hating Shanghai, when I went there some years ago - and in many ways Hong Kong is the same. But then again I love chaotic cities like Moscow. Hong Kong is something between Shanghai and Moscow. It's big but not too big; in fact, it's pretty small or at least managable. And it's clean. Really clean. And it's not as chaotic as it could be. It's very easy to orientate (WHEN YOU'RE NOT TIRED), and the people are nice. There's a lot to see, lot to do, lot to eat and just lot lot lot.

I really am impressed by the architecture. The skyscrapers are funny - making a much more interesting few than the skyline in New York or in Shanghai. I love it how old, crappy houses stand next to modern "shiny" houses. I love the way people live in small square-like spaces between each other, on top of each other, behind, under, next to each other. All of these people here; packed like a can of sardines. But still with a friendly atmosphere. With colorful, not too crowded mood. And the cleanliness of the city makes it comfortable. Much nicer to walk here than for example in Bangkok. Plus this city is made for walkers. Unlike Kuala Lumpur, where there are almost no pedestrian ways. Here you just hop on the streets and go with the flow.

What I don't like at all - or better said what I HATE - is the shopping malls and mania. I hate shopping. I mean I love shoes and skirts and dresses, but I hardly ever go SHOPPING. No, I rather just buy something if I see something, or go to shops that are far away from big crowds and sell unique stuff. But here everywhere you go you see shopping malls or markets and design stores etc. etc. etc. Some places it's impossible to run away and hide from them. I hate it, when, for example some men or women try to make an impression on me by showing off with design clothes. Yuuuuh. I respect other stuff more. With all the respect to those, who find shopping important and glorious. To those I recommend Hong Kong. Go, it's your shopping heaven and kind of a hell to us, who care about "other stuff".

So, might be, that one day I sell my apartment in Helsinki and buy an apartment in Hong Kong. NOT. No, that impressed I'm not, yet. But I could think of writing here couple of months. It's very inspiring here. That's why I again wrote too long a post. Sorry to those of you who don't care about reading. But then again, you don't have to. Read me.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Philippines. I'm too tired to be scared. And I think there is no reason to being scared. I rather should just be excited and take it as it comes. Wish you all fun fun fun. I'm resting my feet now a bit and then hit the night. Have to find something cool for dinner. Naturally, in a small, creepy street restaurant. That's where the best tastes are hiding! Oh and uuh. I like the weather. It's not too hot and not at all cold. Except in the buildings or in the shade. So in a way it's no wonder that I have a slight cold.

P. S. I'm writing this in the lobby of the hostel and am pretty sure 2 Finnish boys just passed me. But because it's noisy and sometimes Chinese sounds like weird Finnish to me, I didn't get what they said. Anyways they were not talking to me. Today I haven't talked almost at all. Which is perfectly fine with me. Have had time to do what I want and clear my mind. Sometimes no talking at all makes the day. But then again poor person, who happens to be the next one to talk with...might have to close his/her ears after a while...

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  1. Kiitos, Helmi-Maaria postauksesta; olipa asiaa:)
    Oikein hyvää matkan jatkoa sinulle Filippineillä!

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Onpa kiva lukea sun englantia. Turvallista matkaa Maaria!

  3. Oi,chiliä silmässä ei kyllä tunnu kivalta,tuttua mullekin.Ja tuo lounaasi kuulostaa slurps hyvältä:)
    Hong Kongista on pitänyt myös veljeni,joka siellä on ollut joitakin kertoja. Hyvää matkaa eteenpäin!

  4. Hemmetti, chiliä silmässä! Mulla meni pisara huuleen ja koko huuli turposi kuin olisin ollut Botox-pistoksilla. Tarttisit nyt sitä voidetta, jota minä sain pe muusta syystä kuin chilistä, johtuvaan silmätulehdukseeni. Voi jestas!

    Tiedätkö, R. on tehnyt analyysia, miksi minä niin olen aina rakastanut Salzburgia. Hän keksi sen, kun ihastuin keväällä myös Ambergiin. Kummassakaan kaupungissa ei ole korkeita taloja, ei muodostu kuiluja, joissa en hahmota kaupunkia. Jonkinlaista suljetunpaikankammoa kai, sillä ahdistun isoissa kaupungeissa. Sinä olet selvästi kaupunki-ihminen, minä maalaistyttö, joka pitää vain muutamasta ihanasta kaupungista, likellä alppeja. Ja tykkään hulluna myös Jyväskylästä.

    Minäkin inhoan go to shopping! Ennen kaikki oli toisin;)

    Voi hyvin ♥

  5. Minäkin haluan Honkkariin inspiroitumaan! Ihan totta: taiteilijoille varmasti antoisa!
    Ja jos olisit ehtinyt sieltä 'keskustasta' pois, olisit päässyt ihan kunnolliseen, rauhalliseen, kauniiseen luontoonkin, missä ei ole tungosta ja jossa voi hengähtää! Kauhia ikävä sinne nyt tuli!
    Ja se ruoka.... AH!

  6. Agressiivisia karttoja ja hyökkiviä chilitippoja, tarvitsisit selvästi suojalasit kasvoillesi ;)

    Toivottavasti matkasi on jatkunut onnellisten tähtien alla!