sunnuntai 5. tammikuuta 2014

Harmonic chic!

I'm quiet and empty (in a good way) and in peace. And also full, full of words, thoughts, ideas. I'm at a creative peak. Except that this morning, early just when the sun woke up, I was loud and singing, my soul was singing; I went for a morning run (yes I did, even though I'm still weak and the first actual meal I dared to eat and hold inside me was last night) and it was the most beautiful morning I've had for days - maybe even for months!

Didn't really take pics at Lake Inle, but here's one. All the tomatoes of Myanmar are produced at Inle. It was interesting to see. But that's about it. They were like floating tomato fields. But this pic is about houses there.
In Bagan it was almost as beautiful, but here in Ngapali the sea and fresh air and almost no other people makes a big difference. I could, though, only run for ten minutes until my body said ”oh you weak little brainless turkey, you can't, not yet, try it tonite or tomorrow”, so I walked then for an hour, I had to, the inner me needs the early mornings in the nature, and even though there are beautiful mornings everywhere, I couldn't believe my eyes! I don't know why is it, that I feel everything, and I've felt everything during the whole trip of mine so amazingly deeper than before. Maybe because I'm travelling alone?

A wave just came and left.

Anyways here I am, almost all alone at a beach, there's white sand everywhere, the sky is like a piece of art, like a painted sound of music, the early morning smog is sprinkled everywhere, the sea makes it own wavy music, and you just fly, fly, fly, fly, fly. There are no other tourists at that time, at the very end of the beach there are local fishermen and families at the fish port, and even later when you slowly return home, there are just few of other people, and you listen to music and you sing along, and I was touching the earth reaching the sky, and the words suddenly came into my mind, and now I have sentences that could mean the world to my script; did I just get the best sentences ever?
The paths that the "mini graps"- or what ever they are called - do on the beach; in my eyes they are beautiful ornaments.
This is a hidden paradise. Really. There are of course some other tourists, but not many, not at all; yesterday I could write all day long without anyone disturbing me, and most of the hotels are empty (I guess the really luxurious hotels are fully booked, so I've heard at least, but they're not here at the 3 km long beach where my hotel is – and my hotel is not bad at all; I've got a nice bungalow just for myself, running and hot water, a bed, even an AC - that I don't use - everything that one needs!), the beach is almost deserted, its clean here, and the prices are reasonable. For example last night I had the best dinner for a long, long time, including drinks it was about 4,5 euros. Oh my god how tasty it was. I'm so happy it stayed inside me (I mean I didn't throw it up, but unfortunately it found its quick way out the other way, the medicine really helped with the fever and cramps though, I got some of it yesterday and tsadaa – I'm doing okay again!).

It was tomato-avocado salad, grilled seafood (it's fresh here, so fresh you can't get anywhere else!) with chili-lime-garlic sauces and rice, and papaya and banana slices, and two caipirinhas (I couldn't help myself ordering one, since it feels so special here, and I've heard that a bit of alcohol can help you get rid of stomach problems, plus of course I love caipirinha!) - of which the other drink I ordered after a lovely couple from Netherlands started a conversation with me. It was nice to get to know them; one of them is a prize winning photographer and the other one a furniture designer, and they are going today to a deserted island for some nights. I hope they have the best time ever. Will definitely do that myself, when I get here again – I will, for sure, come back to Myanmar one day.  

My office for 3 days.
They also recommended me to go snorkling. I'm afraid of going under water, but it's so lovely here, that I decided to give it a try. Will do it today or tomorrow, more likely tomorrow, will try to find some people to share a boat with me, but I'm ready to pay the 20 dollars for it alone, too. Except that going under water all by myself – eh. No. Hopefully I'll find at least one other person. It's a bit difficult, since most of the other few tourists are families or elderly couples, or honeymooners. There is one man, that I've been observing. He might be a writer as well, since he's writing in a notebook and reading something that looks like a script. But I don't like talking to lonely men right now, and I don't want to disturb him, in case he is a writer – and in any case it appears, that if a lonely woman starts a conversation with a lonely man, there are too many misunderstandings, most of the time, so far at least, and I really don't feel like eating men for breakfast right now.. (eh, my mind is right now on the breakfast that I'm just having..that's why I'm talking about eating and breakfast..I never ate a man before, I prefer vegetarian dishes.) So maybe I'll just win all my fears, and go all alone, snorkling. I mean, there will be of course the boat driver. 

Breakfast - that, unfortunately, just now, after two hours of having it, started hurting my stomach, damn, but I don't care, I still am going to enjoy every silent moment on the beach, in the shade, with plenty of water and words around me!
So after couple of days in hell (being sick and at Inle) I'm now in heaven. And I like it. It's amazing. And you know what; I enjoy being all by myself here. Not sharing this with anyone. At this point all I want is peace, quiet surroundings, the flow of writing. I'm not on holidays here, I'm working full-time, but at the same time enjoying it with full heart. And the best thing is, that I can run to the sunset (okay, I HOPE I can run to greet it tonite, if not, at least I can walk!), and run to greet it rising, and I can hug the sea, and I can swim in the light, and I have this huge wave of harmony in me, and I feel like I've fallen in love, except that there is no object. I hope it makes me beautiful and beaming. I mean from the inside. From outside I'm right now, without make up and with every-day-a-bad-hair-day-look not that pretty...gosh..have to do something about that before the big interview, except that I don't care, actually, what I care about from now on is how does the inner me look to others. Better keep smiling then.

P. S. Once more: DON'T go to INLE lake area. It's really not beautiful, it's full of high prices and loud vehichles (the most annoying thing was, that they advertise everywhere how the nature should be protected, and then there are motorboats and bikes and taxis in every corner, and the rubbish is thrown into the lake), and the locals are not as friendly as in other parts of Myanmar. All the arranged tours, by the boat or trekking tours or any of them, are just expensive crap, most of them ending in workshop places where you are pushed to buy things. And the scenery - well. Have seen much much prettier mountain/water scenery in Austria, Finland, Germany, Siberia, Greece etc. etc.

Oh, one more P. S. to my Finnish readers. Check one of these that newspaper (the paper version) was an interview of me and an article about my book yesterday, and on the web page it'll be maybe today..who knows...

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