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Last Moments of Glory

Hi, you there, hello, how you're doing? It's my last day in Myanmar - for now. I'm back in Yangon, where I'd rather not be - want to go back to Bagan or Ngapali, which turned out to be the highlights of my very short Myanmar visit. I didn't even bother to go all the way downtown to Yangon city centre today. Took a taxi to the nearest possible cheap hotel, which is located in "8 Miles", 10 minutes from the airport, and where I found a tiny little closet for 20 dollars a night. There's no bathroom, but I don't care. It's a perfect room for writing, which I'll be doing the whole evening. It's almost uncomfortable, which makes me really concentrate on the work that has to be done (the inspiration flow that started in Ngapali seems to have no end, which is gooooood!!)

Sunset in Ngapali.
I did go to check the surroundings of the hotel earlier. There's basically nothing to see, a big pagoda would be quite close, but I'm not on the mood. I found a park close by, and went in. Had to pay to get in, and it looked like a beautiful garden, but after walking a bit deeper in, it was just sad reminder of how people don't care about environment: everywhere picnic garbage, used plastic bags, plates, etc. There was a romantic pond, too (of course totally green and dirty), and I wandered somewhere next to it to read, sat down and looked around, but didn't really care about the other people..but on the way out, which was not that short a way, I noticed, that there are lots of young couples hiding behind umbrellas. I thought they're just taking a nap or hiding from the sun...naive me, but then I looked a bit more around, and found a lot of tissues "and stuff" everywhere...so I kind of hurried out of the park but stop myself from laughing...

A new born snorkler!
I've been smiling all the time anyways. People in here Yangon are so very friendly, they are the friendliest. They keep on smiling and greeting me, and at the hotel they're so familiar and nice, that I feel like a family member here. So, even if I saw a creepy bug crawling under my bed, it feels like a good ending to my Burma trip. And I guess this morning has a lot to do on how I feel. Went for a run on the beach, and it was so breathtaking beautiful, that I'm still in heaven.
Which brings me to this: it's my last blogging in ENGLISH. Sorry, but I miss my love, the Finnish language too much - blogging for me is discussing. I get a lot of feedback and comments from Finnish readers, and I miss that. Plus last night I had a dream about my sister and her oldest son (greetings, my loves!!), and they were both speaking in English to me, so that's it. Good that I get to go just in two weeks time for a quick visit to Finland. To be around my mother tongue and hopefully my sister. Unfortunately I won't have much time to greet my family/friends, in the worst case no time at all..

A pond that I found in the park today...
Anyways I'm almost done with the trip, which is sad; I'd rather stay for some months more. Will head tomorrow to Hong Kong for 4 days. I'm going to check out Macao, too, since I've never been there, but I have no idea, what people do in Macao and why do they go there – any tips? For sure I know now, that next time I really have to plan some things before and read about stuff or take a guidebook with me. I would have saved a lot of money in Myanmar if I had just read at least some travelling tips beforehand. Next time I won't book flights and hotels in advance - there are cheaper and more interesting ways to discover Myanmar than that, but in a way, now that I look back, I'm happy I had a chance to see so many places - if I hadn't been flying, I wouldn't have done this much in two weeks. It's also good to know, where NOT to go anymore. And I've also been reminded, once more, not to talk to all the strangers that there exist.  

...and the hiding couples..except the one in front is just enjoying the view or something.
Okay, dokay, I'm finished and deeply in love, still without an object, which is very good; I don't even want to be in love with a real person right now. But the being-in-love feeling, that has taken me over, is just ah. Wow. Imagine; in three days I've written 50 new pages of text!! And I've been smiling, even though couple of nights ago I had my reasons to be pissed off and angry, and I've learnt how to snorkel (oh what a world there is down there, under the surface of the sea – and I've missed it all for 31 years!), and I've been reading and jogging and swimming and relaxing, finally, and am full of energy - though today not so. And loving, oh, and all the other feelings too, are making the world a big big pool. Of getting lost and finding the way out. That's what life is about, isn't it. That's what makes us people somehow cute and life interesting.

Staring at the toes...
Every trip to the world is a trip to yourself, too, so I'm a bit wiser now when it comes to knowing myself, not only some new cultures that I've met. I'm very interested in Buddhism right now, and somehow I'd like to adopt some of the thoughts of it to my way of thinking and being and behaving. I mean, I'm not a religious person at all, but somehow some Buddhist ideas are very appealing to me. Myanmar is such a safe, heart warming country - I think Buddhist way of thinking has got lot to do with that.

Bye bye baby baby bye bye!
Well, that's about it, I'd like to thank all of you, who read my blog while I was updating it in English (and sorry to those Finnish readers, who couldn't really follow, but now you'll get it all back, I promise!). To those, who can't follow my thoughts from now on in Finnish I just say bye bye and see you and take care and let's stay in touch via e-mail (or in person). I'll continue working on the next top novel now and am actually ready for bed soon, too, even though it's just 7 pm..

XXX Maaria

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